The Finished Zombiebot

This is what we’re building: a light-following robot. This one turns its motors on and off to follow the light from a torch:

Goal: Build a robot body.


  • Everything from challenge five
  • 2x L.E.D./Jumper/330k resistor sets (from challenge two)
  • 4x ice block sticks. (To learn more visit )

Overview: In The last challenge you built most of your robot: light sensors, power & transistors, Motor, Gearbox & wheels. Now you can build a body for your robot to sit on.


  1. Test your light sensors, motors, power etc. to make sure everything is working. If you want to, See if you can use your skills from Challenge Two to figure out how to add an ON/OFF switch using some jumpers, your slide switch and the breadboard.
  2. Get the motors and light sensors set up so that when you cover the left light sensor, the left motor goes forward (but not the right motor). This means when the robot heads into a corner, the correct motor will turn on to head it out into the light. If the wrong motor turns on, swap them over. If the motors go backwards instead of forwards, Turn them around so they are facing the right way.
  3. Tape your ice block sticks to the motors (Fig. 2). This will make them easier to attach to a chassis. Now you need to use your imagination. Build a robot body that allows you to securely attach the motors, hold the breadboard and arduino and position the light sensors out the front. Use Lego (Fig. 3), Meccano, bits of plastic or whatever you can find.
  4. Make up two L.E.D. assemblies. wrap a 330K resistor around the short leg of an L.E.D., connect a green M-F jumper to the long leg of the L.E.D. and a black M-F jumper to the other end of the resistor. Wrap each leg in tape to prevent them from touching. Plug the green jumpers into pin 2 & 4 and the black jumpers into the black power rail. They’ll turn on when each motor is activated. Plug your Piezo in pin 9 and the black power rail too.

You will use these skills later by: Saving humankind from Zombies!

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