Having trouble with the Arduino software?

If you don't see these tty.usbserial options, you'll need to install the FTDI drivers.

If you don’t see these tty.usbserial options, you’ll need to install the FTDI drivers.

In some cases you need to install a driver to properly connect your computer to your Arduino (a lot of computers already have this driver installed, but some don’t).

To see if you need to install the driver (you’ll probably notice because your Arduino doesn’t work), open the Arduino software and go Tools > Serial Port.

If you only see ‘Bluetooth’ options like ‘dev/tty.bluetooth-xxxxxx’ (i.e you don’t see an option like ‘dev/tty.usbserial-xxxxxx’) you’ll need to install the correct drivers for your system from here.

Once you have installed the driver, restart the Arduino software, and choose the correct Serial Port (one of the /dev/tty.usbserial options). To test, upload a sketch like ‘Blink’ to confirm that it works.

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