What are Zombiebots?

micro-nano-combined-800Zombiebots are a fun way to learn electronics, robotics and programming by building and programming your own robot. Zombiebots come complete with an eBook and instructions, assembly videos and all the components and parts required to build your own object-avoiding robot. The parts are colour-coded and snap together which means no soldering! The software we use to programme the robot is free and drag-and-drop. It’s surprisingly easy to get going, but if you want to cut straight to the chase, we give you all the code you need as well.

Unfortunately ZombiebotHQ is not currently taking orders, but will open again in the near future.

If you know a tinkerer (or a team of tinkerers) who would like to join the resistance, email: resistance@ZombiebotHQ.com We’ll send you everything you need to have your kids be bitten by the inventing bug.