Zombiebot Nano

nano-on-own-v1We’ve put together a robot so simple and affordable every kid should have one. The Zombiebot Nano is a snap-together, colour-coded robot that kids can build and programme using simple, drag-and-drop software. When assembled, it’s designed to be an obstacle-avoiding robot in order to teach kids about sensors and control, but is capable of much more than this. We teach kids how to programme the robot step-by-step using our eBook: Zombiebot-ebook-v1-1 and video tutorials, but we also provide all of the finished code as well so you can get going right out of the box if you want to.

Video instructions:

Our upgrade version (The Nano+) contains all the electronics to become not only obstacle-avoiding robot, but also line-following robot, and an Android smartphone-controlled robot. There’s no soldering required: all of the parts are colour-coded and snap together so kids can build the whole thing from the ground up. Seriously- it’s so easy even adults can do it!

In New Zealand most kids don’t get access to electronics, robotics and coding in schools- here’s your chance to do something about that, and help build a high-tech future for our country while you’re at it. The Zombiebot mission is to make robotics and programming so much fun that we turn innovation into contagion.