Learn more about the parts we use to create our ZombieBOTs What’s a resistor BTW?

arduinoArduino: the heart and soul of our little robot. An Arduino is a microprocessor- think of it as being a tiny little computer. It can receive input from its environment (switches, light sensors etc.) and make decisions based on that input (turn an L.E.D. on, activate a motor etc.)
Breadboard: prototyping tool that allows you to make up circuits really quickly and easily, then dismantle them just as quickly.
Jumper (M/F): A M/F jumper has a male connection at one end, and a female connection at the other. It is essentially an extender, allowing you to plug a male connection into one end, making the wire longer.
Piezo buzzer: a small speaker that can make a beeping nose of different pitches, depending on the frequency of the signal sent to it by the Arduino.
Photoresistor: a particular type of resistor that adjust the amount of current flowing through a circuit, based on how much light is shining on it.
Resistor: restricts the flow of electrical current in a circuit and is often used to protect components from being damaged or destroyed.
We use two different resistors for the Zombiebot Challenges:

150k-800px150,000Ω (150KΩ) resistor: we use these to make the light sensors.

150ohm-800px150Ω resistor: these look after our L.E.D.s and prevent them from blowing up.