What is it?

Zombiebots are small, programmable robots designed to save us from the zombie apocalypse. In order to build a Zombiebot, kids need to learn the basics of electronics, robotics and programming. When completed, they have all of the parts required to continue to develop their programming and electronics skill, including the programmable micro-controller which can form the basis of a wide range of projects.

How much is it?!?

Fighting Zombies doesn’t come cheap, but we’ve assembled projects that we think are great bang for buck:

  • the Zombiebot Micro is $50+GST/P&P and
  • the Zombiebot Nano is $100+GST/P&P.

Your completed Zombiebot also forms a very powerful, low-cost, extensible robotics kit that kids will be able to use for years. Once you’ve finished building Zombiebots, you can build just about anything your mind can conceive: a weather stationself-lacing shoes, a remote controlled lawnmower or even a flame-throwing animatronic pony.

For more information on exactly what comes with the kit, email resistance@ZombiebotHQ.com.

Zombiebots are based in beautiful Aotearoa/New Zealand.